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Your garden can be so much more

Christian Felix is an inspired and impassioned garden owner. He will transform your garden or terrace into an exquisite jewel, a luxurious oasis. 

In line with the prevailing structural conditions and your wishes and requirements for your outdoor area, Christian Felix will use his expertise to help you find a perfect design. 

He will be delighted to offer suggestions for the remodelling and choice of appropriate plants. In short: Discuss with him your hopes and dreams for remodelling your garden or terrace. 

Garten styling - Christian Felix Zurich

Garden Styling

  • Brainstorming a new design in line with your personal preferences

  • Suggestions for a planting concept; from trees to flowers

  • Irrigation systems, ponds, pools

  • Greening solutions for facades, pergolas, and terraces 

  • Consultation regarding and sourcing of solitary single shrubs

  • Collaboration with highly trusted craftsmen and women 


Your initial consultation is free of charge. We will be delighted to make an appointment. Feel free to contact us. or by phone +41 43 497 37 71, +41 44 212 11 80

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