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A floral installation with light, airy surprises. Modern flowers in reagent jars fixed to a glass bowl. The flowers are arranged by color and placed in the jar to mimic the natural growth process. The arrangement creates an unpredictable mix of color and shape that changes with each viewing; like dance partners, each flower will be in a different position.


Finding the right bouquet for your special occasion is always an exhilarating moment. We're here to make the process as simple as possible with numerous options, variety of colors available. Check out our color selection list - pink, orange, purple, green, and white.

Size: Diameter about 40 cm & Height about 40 cm

We regret to inform you that this arrangement is not suitable for the postal service. However, as always feel free to pick up your bouquet in person or have it delivered right to the recipient's address! We're open every day during business hours so don't hesitate to come to see us when it's time.


SKU: 0048
  • Delivery Fees

    · City of Zurich CHF 20.00

    · Outside Zurich CHF 40.00

      Deliveries per postal service,
      the price
    includes packaging and express delivery fee

    · Deliveries abroad are not available.

    Any questions? Give us a call, we will be happy to help.


    Delivery Times

    · Please be reminded that the deadline for orders for following day is 17.00 from Monday to Friday.

    · The earliest delivery for orders received during Saturday and Sunday is following Monday.

    · Based on legal regulations, we do not deliver on Sundays or
      special holidays (exceptions may apply).


    Hospital Deliveries

    Many hospitals have special restrictions regarding flower deliveries. As a rule, only flower bouquets are accepted, no arrangements with earth or oasis. If you have chosen such, we will change it to a bouquet of corresponding colour and size.



    Always contact us personally, otherwise, we decline all responsibility.


    Changes, Cancellations, Multiple Deliveries

    Any cost occurred will be invoiced to you.


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