Part 11: How We Spend Valentine's Day Today

Welcome to the Christian Felix blog - In honor of Valentine's Day, we are taking a closer look at THE day for lovers and all the not-needed knowledge around it - out there existent. This is the tenth post in our series, and today we'll be discussing how the traditions of courtship have changed over time. Thanks for joining and being a committed customer of ours. We value this and know what it means to be in a relationship with a florist team - we feel like artists, we see ourselves as artists and sometimes, we think we should be treated with a bit more respect - as we create often small pieces of arts, or let's say or empathy is guiding us through the jungle of your hand signs topped by Oprah phrases - with an astonishing result. Flowers that exactly target the heart of the receiving person. And this we do every day, for every one of you - and honestly, WE LOVE IT. That's why we get up every day - like today - to do what we do best - talking flowers. This is Valentine's blog of Christian Felix and I'm Christian Felix - Good morning.

As we all know, Valentine's Day is a special day to celebrate love and affection. For many people, it is a day for exchanging gifts, flowers, and chocolates with their loved ones. However, the tradition of exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day is a relatively new one. The first recorded instance of gift-giving on Valentine's Day was in the Middle Ages when people would exchange romantic poems and love letters. Later, gifts were exchanged between lovers. Today, couples all over the world celebrate this special day by giving each other presents (and buying flowers).

A rose is a traditional symbol of romance on Valentine's Day.

In many countries, Valentine's Day is also a day for exchanging gifts between friends. This tradition began in the early 1990s and has since become very popular. On this day, people exchange small presents such as chocolates, flowers, or gift cards.

Valentine's Day is not only a day for exchanging gifts between lovers but also one of the most important days in terms of sales. In 2014 over $19 billion were spent on Valentine's Day and nearly half of it was spent on flowers alone! This makes Valentine's Day one of the busiest times for flower shops all around the world.

In many countries, Valentine's Day is also a day for exchanging gifts between friends. This tradition began in the early 1990s and has since become very popular. On this day, people exchange small presents such as chocolates or gift cards to show their appreciation for each other.

But now it's possible that one day in February got chosen to be the day of thumbs up or down for how we set opinions about the romantic skills of a woman or a man - depending on whom our heart is beating. It's a bit unfair if you ask me. Roses are red, violets are blue - and so is the feeling we get when our partner doesn't make it to us on that day. But we were not human beings with emotions and appreciation skills if we did not develop the skill to love anything in this world.

And therefore Valentine's Day has as well a special side - when you choose that your Valentine is your dog, your cat, or your fridge. No, I'm not making fun, you know this - I'm pointing out facts and known things, which are not popular to talk about, but they exist and we give them a voice and make them "existent". Have you ever thought about what a flower arrangement for a dog or cat looks like? Well, have a look at our website and you will see that we got the most beautiful bouquets for them as well. Why not? After all, they are part of your family and should get as much attention as everybody else in your life. You can call this day whatever you want to (but please don't call it a day of love and flowers, we like that less) - but one thing is sure. You can make a lot of people happy with just one single gesture. And that counts for any given day in the year and not only for Valentine's Day.

The nerve-wracking moment when you hand over your flower bouquet to your loved one might be replaced by the moment when you give your dog a pet (and tell him or her that he or she is special). Or you may prefer to buy flowers for yourself - and I share with you one personal secret of mine - giving yourself the gift of flowers is for me the greatest sign of all, that you find your balance and place in life, you value yourself and no one has the right to judge about you - and if we are honest, no one would survive such a gossip - I mean just moralistic wyse.

You are great! Love is in the air. Let's do something nice with it. Sincerely, Your Christian Felix