The perfect Spring Combo- Flowers and Easter: A Nice Mix of Tradition and New Ideas

The mix of old and new is often the most charming.

Tradition gives us a feeling of continuity, while new ideas can inject excitement into our lives. This is certainly true when it comes to flowers and Easter. Many people enjoy mixing traditional Easter symbols like eggs and bunnies with more modern touches, like Eastern-inspired blooms. What are some of the best flowers to choose for your Easter arrangements? Keep reading to find out!

Welcome back on our post which we use to get more closer to you, to see the person behind the customer, behidn a client - never under estimate the sensors of a florist. They are huge - maybe not that huge like the ears of a Easter rabbit. But they are very sensible for the mood of a person, the tone of the voice and what this person is telling. This is how you can get an idea if somebody wants to celebrate Easter happy or not that much. But let us start with the beginning: what does Easter represent for Christian Felix?

"Easter always was and still is a very special day for me. I have always loved Easter flowers, and as a child, I loved finding the eggs my parents had hidden around the house. My favorite part of the holiday was always Easter dinner with my family. We would sit down at the table, and my mom would bring out her best china and linen. The table would be covered in a beautiful tablecloth, and there would be a vase of Easter flowers in the center. I have such fond memories of those times."

Nowadays, Christian Felix celebrates Easter a bit differently. "I still love to decorate my home with Easter flowers, but I also like to add some other holiday decorations. I like to put Easter eggs in vases and bowls, and I also like to hang Easter wreaths on my doors. I think it's important to keep the tradition alive, but it's also fun to add your own personal touch to the holiday."

Which flower brings you the Easter vibes, something special this year?

"I think that Easter lilies are the quintessential Easter flower. They are so beautiful and elegant, and they have such a lovely fragrance. I also like to use tulips in my Easter arrangements. I think they add a touch of springtime cheerfulness. This year, I am thinking about adding some daffodils to my arrangements. I think they would be a nice addition."

What is your favorite Easter memory?

"My favorite Easter memory is from when I was a child. Every year, my mom would make an Easter basket for me and my sister. She would fill it with all sorts of goodies, like chocolate eggs and bunnies, and she would also include a beautiful Easter lily. I have such fond memories of those baskets, and I always looked forward to finding them on Easter morning."

Do you have any tips for decorating with Easter flowers?

"I think the most important thing is to choose flowers that you love. Easter is a time to celebrate springtime and new beginnings, so go with your favorite spring blooms. Also, don't be afraid to experiment. If you want to try something new, go for it! Easter is the perfect time to try out new ideas."

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it gave you some ideas for decorating with Easter flowers. If you're looking for more inspiration for your own Easter decorations, why not take a cue from Christian Felix and mix tradition with a few modern twists?

You can't go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of Easter flowers! And who knows, you might just create some new traditions of your own. Thanks for reading, and happy Easter!

What are some of your favorite Easter traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

Looking forward to see you back in our store before Easter arrives.

Your Christian Felix