What about a Valentine's Day Blog called "Christian, Felix, and Valentin"?

Yes, we've already said farewell to January. This means that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching for us at Christian Felix. This holiday and all of the feelings it evokes are dear to us in the same way that a waiter cherishes a restaurant full of customers - it's a special kind of devotion.

We'd like to take this opportunity to look at Valentine's Day from a different angle. Of course, we could write about the traditional events and their deeper meanings. But what kind of fun would that be? Instead, let's look at some of the more entertaining Valentine's Day facts - things that aren't widely known but make for an interesting read.

We are constantly bombarded with vital data on everything these days. That's why we took a different approach and discovered fantastic, amusing, hot, and snarky Valentine's Day stories. Let's talk about some pointless but enjoyable facts about Valentine's Day.

Did you know, for example, that the Valentine's Day we celebrate today is a secular holiday?

It bears no resemblance to Christianity or any other religion. In fact, it was only in the 18th century that it became associated with love.

Another little-known fact: the traditional color for Valentine's Day is white, not red! This dates back to the days when people exchanged anonymous cards, or "valentines." The color white was chosen to represent purity.

In terms of cards, the first Valentine's Day card was sent in 1815! And it was a home-made concoction, not a store-bought one.

But one thing has remained consistent since the first of these V-days: flowers have always been popular on Valentine's Day.

Have we succeeded in making you a little more curious? If so, congratulations; your mission has been completed. Beginning on February 1st, we will present you with a new, but always interesting, fact about Valentine's Day every day.

We'll cover everything from traditional to unusual stories and events surrounding this historic day. So stay tuned and have fun! Be our guest and spend some time having fun with us every day.

Don't forget to tell your friends and family about it! They'll enjoy these tidbits of useless information just as much as you do. Valentine's Day greetings!

Your Christian Felix