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Which personal data do we record?
  • Data regarding your identity, your title, name, first name, address, telephone number, email address, your user name and password, your birthday and your age.

  • Data regarding your payment method, especially your credit card number and its validity date. 

  • Data to follow up on our mutual business relationship, especially your order number,  the processing of your order and your inquiries. 

  • Data regarding your accounts in the social media (user name, location, etc.), uploads and posts, when you post content and use the hashtag #christianfelix or other hashtags offered by us fort he social media. 

  • Data regarding content (photos, videos, opinions, comments, etc.). 

  • Other data that you provide in connection with our services or we may have received from third parties. 

Why is your personal data recorded?

We record your personal data—fully or partially—mainly for the following reasons:

  • For the administration of our website and to increase the service quality. 

  • To record your orders (orders, deliveries, invoices, customer service, samples, complaints, etc.). This data is necessary for processing oft he contract that you are part of.  

  • Customer service processing.

  • To forego and record any illegal activity, to process any debt collection activity required, or in cases of disorderly conduct or illegal activity in our shops. 

Who do we share your personal data with?

We never sell, burrow or share your personal data with others for any market research purposes. 

Your data can be transferred to service providers chosen for their competence and reliability and who act on our behalf and according to our directions, especially to provide you with any services required (processing and shipping of your orders, secure payment, customer service process, etc.). These service providers are only entitled to use your personal data in cases that are necessary to provide the service requested by you on our behalf under compliance with the legal regulations. Other than that, we strive to provide complete protection of your personal data. 

Finally, we can share your personal data with local authorities when this is legally requested or in cases associated with legal inquiries according to the prevailing regulations. 

How do we protect your personal data?

Christian Felix AG applies the necessary technical and organisational measures regarding your data and the risks connected with its processing to ensure protection and privacy, to avoid any alteration or damage or use by any unauthorised third parties.  

How do we store the data that you share in the social media networks using our hashtags?

You may decide to use the hashtags offered by us to tag your shared content on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. By using these hashtags, you acknowledge that your content may be shared on our website or used to promote our products or services. 

We point out that sharing your content when using one of our hashtags in the social media underlies the terms and conditions of the social media networks.  

How long do we store your personal data?

We strive not to store your personal data any longer than required by our Privacy Notice or stipulated by the law.

What are your rights regarding your private data and how can you contact us?

When you give us your email address, telephone number or address, you can receive regular postal items, calls or messages about our products, services, and upcoming events. You can unsubscribe at any time from our mailing lists by contacting us via email or using the unsubscribe link.  

According to the current legal regulations, you have a right to access, rectify or erase any personal data and a right to object or limit its processing.

Also according to the current regulations, you have the right to place a complaint or take legal action with the data protection authority should your data be misused.

Privacy Notice Christian Felix AG

The privacy of data according to the current regulations is of high importance to us. This Privacy Notice gives you an overview of the principles that govern the processing of your personal data. The policy may be updated at any time.

By accessing our website, you allow us to use your personal data according to the current regulations—to record, store, organise, archive and to use and/or transfer. 

How do we record your personal data?

We record your personal data when

  • You open an account on our website.

  • When you make a purchase on our website. 

  • When you subscribe to our newsletter.

  • When you participate in any special offers.

  • When you share content on our social media like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest and use the hashtag #christianfelix or other hashtags offered by us. 

  • When you contact us to share your opinion regarding our products/services or share it in real-time with other users.

  • When you allowed third parties to transfer your personal data. 

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