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Christian Felix

As a trained gardener and florist, it was always about space and its design for Christian Felix. After all, a bouquet of flowers is like an object within a space. With his uncanny instinct for the beauty of things, Christian Felix brings out the magic of even the simplest everyday items. 


Low-key, with a great sense of humour, Christian Felix does not take himself too seriously—his work on the other hand even more so! For more than 25 years, his shop in Zurich is the address for extraordinary flowers and interiors. Creativity is his motivator—it keeps him from resting on his laurels and inspires him to take the road less traveled, to ask questions and to have the courage to realise his visions. The most recent example is his new Creative Loft, moving away from the inner city into the vibrant neighbourhood of Altstetten. 


Christian Felix is supported by a highly qualified and motivated team. Whenever needed, external specialists are involved to make sure all your demands are fully met.

The Loft 
Badenerstrasse 569, Zürich-Altstetten


A light-filled creative loft of 350m2 in the middle of the vibrant neighbourhood Altstetten in Zurich. Generous space for flowers, interiors, samples, materials, specially crafted events and much more. Come and visit us, we look forward to welcoming you.

In addition to our core services—fresh flowers, artificial flowers, and interior design—our program now includes an online shop as well as flower workshops and specially crafted events.

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