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Christian Felix grew up in the countryside. His parents ran a farm and did not think their son could make a career of floristry, so he initially chose to complete a gardening apprenticeship. 

Christian Felix Zurich
Christian Felix

A lot has happened since then. Christian Felix went on to pursue a career in floristry, making his way up the ladder in a prestigious flower shop in Zürich, where he subsequently worked as managing director. In this capacity he undertook several study trips to New York and Los Angeles. Since 1995 he is the proud owner of his own flower shop, now considered to be one of the best addresses for top quality floral creations, both in Zürich and far beyond the borders of the city. 


In 2005 Christian Felix started his career in interior design. As a home stylist he advises his clients on topics relating to interior design. In addition to providing comprehensive solutions, he also sources fabulous objects and sought-after lifestyle products. With his outstanding aesthetic values and an innate ability to select the right materials, colours and designs, he composes spaces with a sense of what is both feasible and special at the same time. 


Christian Felix is supported by a highly qualified and motivated team. 

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